Synovus Financial - They committed the 11th COMMANDMENT-THY SHALL NOT GET CAUGHT

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We all know the TEN COMMANDMENTS’, well Terminix and Synovus Bank has invented the 11th COMMANDEMENT thy shall not get CAUGHT.They lie as far as to EAST as to the WEST.

Can I get an AMEN from any customer that has any affiliation with them? IF you cannot say AMEN, just nod your head. If you believe in NIGHTMARES’ in the daytime at 509 Russell Street, Fayetteville, NC and Synovus Greensky Bank, 1797 NE Expressway, Nebrookhaven, GA well let me tell you one. The common average working person will passionately agree that the worst nothing is worse than A THEIF that will rob you during daylight hours.

I was referred to Terminix via Synovus Grennsy Bank, Nebrookhaven, GA to finance a project by the way of the “VETERAN BROTHERHOOD” being that I am a veteran and Fayetteville, NC is a retire location for veterans. An air force veteran with the company established the foundation process. I should have read each complaint closely about Terminix and Synovus and should not had taken anything for granted. Anyone reading this I suggest you do your homework before signing any documents with this company.

The representative of Terminix a veteran whom I relied upon as an employee exchanged various emails, telephone calls, and faxed documents to finalize the transaction failed to complete the project. I discovered that short cuts had been implemented that lead to addition damages to the structural dwelling. Therefore, the company had to return to correct the flaws. Upon my walk, through to ensure customer satisfaction other elements of workmanship was discovered.

Due to the discoveries was management officials was notified of the issues. Management officials was unable to answer numerous official legal questions. They base the lack of response based on the absences of legal counselor’s onset. I was assured they would cooperate in good faith should any issues arose to that level of dissatisfaction.

Both companies deserve a one star rating which is consistent with the level of unprofessionalism that was rendered to me after I signed a contract in the amount of $7,120.00. I begin to have problems with Terminix from the beginning by falsifying workmanship. NOW, the Second issue came after they financed through Synovus. Anyone of good will and are gainfully employed will passionately agree that $7,120.00 is not to sneeze at especially when you have established excellent credit.

It is a moral order in our society that has been established by business owners and that is to take care of their customers. When there is a failure it moves a customer to think differently. The right to be recognized is part of the fundamental principles of the constitution. On the other hand, there is a general right that will clearly show a customer’s concerns.

As with any public servant quality services are expected and vital. There is no valued and deeply cherished right than to be employed and provide that level of service. However, in some instances an employee or company can abuse their position of authority. It must be said on the onset of this statement and with clarity that is exactly what has happened with SYNOVUS and TERMINIX.

The real danger of this issue is the lies and the troubling aspects that are in the implication of discretionary power that could have been prevented. Is seems as if they imposed created rule spokes with authority and a right that a principle could be established for a rational basis but when it rises to a level of a fundamental intention to damage a customer credit rating it TOTALY illegal. The Bank submitted two adverse thirty (30) day delinquent reports against my credit score. The fraudulent business transaction practices that governs their claim was due to THEIR lack of my correct address.

This issue could have been avoided had they contacted Terminix of for any additional information. My physical and billing addresses are on all Terminix documents for issues that might arise. In addition to that my telephone number are listed on the invoice. The Terminix representative was informed by via email of my concern about the payments and stated he would investigate but never replied afterwards.

I was never notified by mail nor telephone that I was delinquent on making a payment to Synovus. Um, um, from my understanding of REALITY “101” you cannot withdraw any money from a saving or checking account unless an account has been established first. Um, um DEATH WHERE IS THY STING? Terminix and Synovus where is thy BILL?

There is nothing worse than getting AMBUSHED by a notification of a 30 DAY ADVERSE CREDIT REPORT that was never received by train, plane, or automobile. I am sure TERMINIX and Synovus has them all. The BANK had to be contacted due to not receiving an invoice. During my conversation with them THEY openly admitted there was incorrect data pertaining to my mailing address and all correspondences had been returned.

Accordingly, four months lapsed that they grossly failed in their unprofessionalism in the obtaining the correct mailing address. They have balanced their compelling constitutional right that clearly subjectively and violate a customer’s rights NOT to be notified within a thirty day (30) after a purchase for PAYMENT(S) are ILLEGAL. It was specifically stated that the financial documents would be mailed during the conversation. Their supreme disservice continued.

I was alerted to an adverse credit report alert less than a week after my conversation with the BANK concerning the documents. They WENT on to say that the CREDIT department would be in contact with me in which they have not but it “DOES NOT come as a surprise. DON’T CALL US WE’’L CALL YOU AFTER I RUIN YOURCREDIT” seems to be there MOTTO. The failure and unwillingness to face reality or accept the facts is a part and parcel of the problem.

From the onset, Terminix had provided SYNOVUS the revenant information that establish the line of credit that they accepted. The validation was EXECUTED by means of my signature that showed a compelling interest in establishing a “good faith effort” to repay any debtors. To date, my line of credit has been flawless with an excellent credit score rating. The representative a veteran showed a GREAT deal of interest from the onset.

I relied upon him as an employee and fellow veteran to exchange various emails, telephone calls, and faxed documents to finalize the transaction. I later discovered that short cuts had been implemented which lead to addition damages to the structural dwelling and terminates returning. They returned due to the sole fact of the areas not being treated as illegally documented and advertised. Therefore, the company had to return to correct the flaws.

Upon my walk, through to ensure COMPLETE customer satisfaction other elements of workmanship was discovered. Due to the discoveries management officials was notified of the issues. Management officials was unable to answer numerous official legal questions. They base the lack of response on the absences of legal counselors on site.

I was assured they would cooperate in a good faith manner should any issues arose to that level of dissatisfaction. NOW if you BELIEVE in fairytales this is ONE for the BOOKS. The bank and company has shown a compelling interest in rendering an adverse credit report ARE not an exercise. Therefore, this clearly establishes the principle as to how a BANK AND COMPANY can make false statements or purposely provide misleading information to the public.

The question is can BOTH that lie about their business practices be punished? There overwhelmingly ACTIONS are the implications of actions are based on a groundless principle and circumstance under which the principle character is sufficiently lacking any substances. There is no constitutional value in lying but self-gain for sales and profits to maintain the status quo.

It seems their shared ideology goes hand in hand.I encompass their actions as “truly outrageous.” It seems that THEY imposed a judicially created rule that speaks on its own merits Yes, it is an acknowledged constitutional right that a principle can be established for a rational basis but when it rises to a level of deceit it is ILLEGAL.

Review about: June 2017.

Synovus Financial - Synovus Bank - Mortgage Review

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Interest Rate

We have been in the process of buying a home and financing the mortgage through Synovus.Worst mistake we ever made and it has been a nightmare!

The loan originator doesn't know what he's doing and I've done 90% of the work myself to try to get to closing. He tells us one thing then changes his story. I have kept every email because he's notorious to tell my husband and I he didn't say things when in fact I've got it in writing. Getting information from him is nearly impossible.

The whole process has been ridiculous and here we are nearly two months in and STILL haven't closed. We will never again do business with the loan officer or the company.

The real estate agent is so embarrassed that she referred us to him and also said she will never make a referral to him or the company again.Buying my dream home has turned in to a nightmare.

Review about: Mortgage.



I authorized a payment through online banking, which never arrived.I told them to stop payment, that I would do a manual check.

They informed me that there would be a $34 stop-payment fee. Not my fault the check never arrived. A supervisor called me shortly afterward, re-assuring me that they would waive the fee. Ten days later, nothing done.

In addition, the $679 check that never arrived has been deducted twice.My fault for dealing with these people.

Economically Irresponsible - Synovus Financial

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Economically Irresponsible - Synovus Financial (CB&T Bank is one of many)

Did you know that Synovus Financial (CB&T Bank to name one of many)

announced they were in financial trouble and had to terminate 1150

employees. Thirty days or so later they gave management a pay raise and

stock bonuses. Further, they took almost 1 Billion of tax payer funds and

can't pay it back.

In honor of the 1150 people who have lost their jobs I am calling for a

boycott of Synovus Financial institutions for contributing to the economic

downfall and negative impact this action is causing families and the

community. If you have an account with a Synovus bank, close it and go to

your local, not for profit Federal Credit Union. If you do business with a

company that has an account with Synovus, (CB&T) tell them you elect not to

do business with them because they have an account there.

Synovus Financial - Synovus Bank sent a credit card I did not want.redit card

Riverside, California 2 comments
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Synovus Bank of Florida sent a credit car I did not request, a Green Dot credit card..

They sent an email to tell me they were sending this card and I replied I did not want the card.

They sent me the card anyway against my wishes.

Every effort both online and on the telephone to request they cancel this card has failed. There do not allow you to cancel this card. There is only a computer and no person that will talk to the customer.

When I went to their web site online had the same experience in they do not have an option to cancel the card.

The computer phishes for personal information.

This bank should be shut down by Federal Banking Commission.

Review about: Green Dot Credit Card.



ok I signed up for"signature free checking account two years ago..everything has been fine till today...I received a letter saying my signature free checking account will be switched to "access checking " which carries 10 dollar monthly service fee and minimum balance of 1000...I did not agree to this I agreed to terms concerning signature free checking ..(no minimum balance and no service fee)

I expect the bank to honor their end of the bargain .

I would never open such an account...the reason I went to your bank in the first place was because you offered free checking..this is a form of so angry with banks in general but I was happy with my account as is I already called consumer protection and local news station..its fine if you don’t want to offer free checking to new customers but to change the terms of existing contracts is against the law its called bait and switch!!!... I cant change the terms I signed up for and neither should the bank ...this is a moral and legal issue its just wrong to charge someone for something you offered for free to get customers..then change the terms after the contract is signed...

I have my original agreement and it clearly states no minimum balance and no monthly fee..if I open new account I would understand but this is an existing account in good standing..the terms were agreed to at signup...

new port richey fl my local branch is RIDGE RD port richey. FL .. also when I called the bank the local branch your manager patrice hung up on me twice I was polite I didn’t swear or threaten anyone ...still she would not listen to my concerns or answer my questions...she should lose her job..I have a loud voice I will tell everyone I know and also will organize a campaign to out synovus and their questionable business practice...A DEAL IS A DEAL!! I HAVE COMPLIED WITH THE TERMS I THINK THE BANK SHOULD DO THE SAME SINCERELY ONE PISSED OFF CUSTOMER!!


Mr. Keener,

I am with the Corporate Communications office of Synovus in Columbus,Georgia. Please send me some additional information about the credit card issue, or feel free to give me a call at (706) 644-0528.

Thank you,

Greg Hudgison

Manager External Communications, Synovus

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